Javed Jabbar

Adjunct Professor Department: Social Sciences Professional Activities: On-board Status: Available

Work Experience

  • Founder Citizensí Initiative on Media Issues: founder, 2013 at Citizensí Initiative on Media Issues
  • Founding president Baanhn Beli : founding president at Baanhn Beli
  • Past Chairman; Member, Board of Directors Strengthening Participatory Organization: co-founder; past Chairman; Member, Board of Directors, 1994 at Strengthening Participatory Organization
  • Co-founder; Vice Chairman Social Policy and Development Centre: co-founder; Vice Chairman at Social Policy and Development Centre
  • Member; Occasional Chairman PILDAT Civil-Military Dialogue Group: Member; occasional Chairman at PILDAT Civil-Military Dialogue Group
  • Founding Chairman Publican Alumni Trust : founding Chairman at Publican Alumni Trust
  • Member; occasional Chairman PILDAT Electoral Reforms Group: Member; occasional Chairman at PILDAT Electoral Reforms Group
  • Member; occasional Chairman PILDAT Democracy Assessment Group: Member; occasional Chairman at PILDAT Democracy Assessment Group
  • Member, Board of Directors National Academy of Performing Arts: Member, Board of Directors at National Academy of Performing Arts
  • Occasional Advisor at Education Fund for Sind
  • Member, Board of Governors at Sindh Judicial Academy
  • Co-founder; Member, Board of Directors at Sindh Environmental Foundation
  • Co-founder and Chairman at Social Development Enterprise
  • Chairman of Pakistan National Committee at International Union for Conservation of Nature (Jan-2014 to Dec-2015)
  • Founder Chairman, Board of Trustees at Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing, IBA (Jan-2013 to PRESENT)


  • BA , University of Karachi - 1965

Research Interests

Courses Taught

Research Output


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