IBA's Angel Investors Club is Pakistan's first university backed Angel Investors Club to support university spinoffs, startups and business ideas.

How does it work

The startups and spinoffs can submit their pitch at any point in time through our website. Annually, there will be four pitching sessions where shortlisted startups will be called for 10 mins pitch followed by Q/A sessions with interested investors.


The Angel club provides companies and investors alike with untapped opportunities and has a unique offering for both parties. It envisioned to play a starring role in supporting the university's impressive track record in incubation support, commercializing innovation, bolstering an innovation ecosystem and world-leading research in the areas of technology , business and sustainability.

The combination of education, technology and entrepreneurship is extremely powerful, as is seen in hugely successful ecosystems like Silicon Valley. The Angel Investor Club is ideal for companies who need access to investment and expert entrepreneurs but don't want to sell their souls to a venture capitalist. Member companies receive dedicated support from expert entrepreneurs and investors which greatly increases their chance of securing further investment.

From an investor's perspective, the Angel Club is the perfect place for those who might want to make smaller investments in multiple companies, or have more direct access and control of investments. As a university-owned club, knowledge exchange is a key focus, as well as the ability to put forward prospects from the university network, so investors can have a first look at some very high-tech, high IP-reach companies.

We have activated some very good serial entrepreneurs from IBA community for collective mentoring to move high potential university start-ups together.

Find Entrepreneurs for your Innovation
Find infrastructure and support network
Find Mentor and investors to facilitate growth and investment