The focus of CICT primarily remains on innovations that could enhance the academic experience of students. It aims to advance technical knowhow of the students whilst also educating them in other relevant areas so that they could serve the nation in best possible ways. For this purpose, a variety of programs have been carried out by CICT from June 2019-2020. These are as follows:

Capacity Building of Government entities:

One of the fundamental objectives of CICT is to work with public sector entities in order to improve the services for a common citizen. Therefore, CICT has been involved in innovative projects with the Government of Sindh. CICT is also engaged in training the employees of Sindh Secretariat through various courses so that they could play their key role in resolving Pakistan's most daunting issues. CICT has been providing trainings to the Information Science & Technology Department, Government of Sindh. From the period of June 2019-2020, 3 batches of the Capacity Building in IT for Sindh Secretariat Employees were successfully completed.

Skills Development Programs:

IBA CICT has been running the government sponsored Youth Skills Development Programs. The objective of theseprograms is not only to develop the much needed potential of our young people to avail the money-making opportunities but also create uncountable number of jobs by turning the beneficiaries' future entrepreneurs. Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program [BBSYDP] is one of such programs that focuses on developing human resource in Sindh by empowering youth (aged between 18-35 years) with employable skill sets.

Sindh Research Incubation Center (SRIC):

Besides imparting training in the domain of ICT, incubation space to the potential youth of Sindh along with proper mentorship will also be provide as it has already been in the CICT at IBA City Campus. The basic aim of doing so is to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. the incubates with an incubation process of 12 months are offered a co-working space at IBA, Utilities, Seed Capital and access to investors.