International Trade Consulting Group

ITCG will help your company expand into new markets for exploring international business opportunities and profitable growth.

Institute of Business Administration bring together leading academics of and experienced trade practitioners to address key challenges faced by businesses and governments seeking to expand trade and investment opportunities across the globe. The International Trade Consulting Group specializes in research and analysis of international trade. ITCG aims to identify reasons behind the ever evolving dynamics of domestic and international trade, and provide in-depth research of international trade in the domestic market.

ITCG consultants possess wealth of knowledge and experience in international trade, therefore wide range of services, including performing market research, creating market reports, identifying target countries, competition analysis, devising and implementing route to market strategies, marketing planning, recruiting staff or appointing distributors, setting up joint ventures, interim management and export/import compliance, logistics, and trade financing will also be offered to its client.

With ITCH as consultant, Companies may:

  • Plan and implement its export strategy
  • Make informed decisions about global operations and logistics
  • Build information databases for future business
  • Develop trade reports via use of statistics, forecasting, and projections for domestic & globally recognized jurisdictions

Contact the lead Consultant Mr Sohaib Saleem at to find out how you can connect with IBA researchers.